Different Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions

There are several different types of cleaning solutions available for cleaning contact lenses. For cleaning your contact lens, use of any type (should be used properly) can serve the purpose of cleaning contact lenses.

The main aim of cleaning contact lens is to keep the contact lens clear or transparent and to keep it free from microorganisms. Presence of microorganisms can cause infection to the eye. The different microorganism will cause different type of infection.

The commonly used cleaning solutions for cleaning the contact lens are saline solution, multipurpose solution, hydrogen peroxide solution, enzymatic cleaner etc.

Saline solution:

The saline solution is for rinsing the contact lens after cleaning it with other cleaning solution and used before inserting/using contact lens. Saline solution can not disinfect contact lens.

Multipurpose solution:

This is the most commonly used and also most popular cleaning solution for cleaning contact lenses. Multipurpose solution is used for cleaning, disinfection, and storing contact lenses. It can also be used for rinsing contact lens instead of saline solution. Use of multipurpose solution can serve all the purposes of cleaning in general. Newer multipurpose solution can remove bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.

Hydrogen peroxide solution:

It is mainly used for disinfecting. But saline solution must be used for rinsing to wash off hydrogen peroxide from the contact lens after disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide solution; otherwise it may cause intense pain in the eye. Because of the need to rinse with saline solution, hydrogen peroxide solution is not very popular.

Enzymatic cleaner:

It is used for cleaning protein deposits from lens surface which may get deposited after using contact lens for few days. Generally enzymatic cleaner is used once a week. If there is any protein deposit in the contact lens, it makes wearing contact lens uncomfortable and also makes disinfection difficult and incomplete.

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Hirsutism and Virilization

When there is “male pattern of hair growth in females” it is called hirsutism and if hirsutism is aggressive form with additional signs and symptoms like voice become male type (deep voice), breasts become smaller, and clitoris becomes enlarged, there is increased in muscle bulk etc. it is called virilization. In other words virilization is severe form of hirsutism or next stage of hirsutism. There is also increased libido in virilization. Generally virilization is an ominous sign and suggests a high possibility of an ovarian or adrenal tumor.

Hirsutism is fairly common problem among females and affects approximately 10% of female population. But hirsutism is only a variation of normal hair growth and generally do not cause any significant physical problem, although it can cause considerable psychological problem among females. Very rarely hirsutism is indicative of serious underlying pathology, but commonly virilization is indicative of serious underlying pathology.

The cause of hirsutism is commonly idiopathic (unknown cause) and in most of the cases the commonest pathology involved is androgen excess (like in case of congenital adrenal hyperplasia or CAH and polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS).

The sites which are involved in male pattern of hair growth are upper lip (mustache), chin (beard), chest, abdomen, upper back, lower back, upper arms, pelvis and thighs. These are the nine areas of human body which are sensitive to androgen and excess androgen causes growth of hairs in these areas to cause hirsutism in females. In general males have higher levels of androgens and that’s why males have male pattern of hair growth like beard and mustache. The clinical assessment of hirsutism is also done by taking into account of these nine androgen sensitive areas.

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Regular Exercise is Important for Fitness

The importance of exercise to remain fighting fit is known to all, but unfortunately not many of us do regular exercise. The reasons of not doing regular exercise are many and it is different for different individuals. We all should try to find out our own as what is the major obstacle for us for not doing regular exercise. The reason may be lethargy, lack of motivation, inability to find and adjust time for exercise etc.

If you are not doing regular exercise you can try going to gym for motivation and also you will get many equipments which are not available at home. You can also find some like minded persons who go for a jog daily in the morning or evening. The reason of your need for regular exercise may also be different from others. If you have low backache or backache problems you should try using equipment for back exercise like teeter hang ups inversion table, which are very good for exercise for backache. Teeter 550 has some additional features over other hang ups inversion tables, like new flex technology bed which gives comfort to your back along with exercising your back to relieve back pain.

The hang ups inversion tables are very helpful for relieving back pain, which use earth’s natural gravity to relieve back pain. These hang ups inversion tables also help in improving circulation and lymph flow, improves flexibility of muscles and range of movements at the joints, and also reduces muscular tension if present and one of the causes of back pain.

Most important is to continue doing exercise which is best for you, especially if you have any medical problem for which you need regular exercise. But at the same time you should be aware that wrong type of exercise may harm you instead of good, so consult your doctor or fitness expert for advice regarding you exercise and the type of gym equipment you should use.

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Contact Lens for Cosmetic Purpose

The main use of contact lens is corrective, i.e. to correct the refractive errors of the eye like myopia (short sightedness where the individual is unable to see objects far from him/her), hypermetropia (near sightedness where the individual is unable to see objects which is nearer to him/her), astigmatism (a condition where light rays do not fall on retina due to curvature problem of lens), presbyopia (where individual is unable to adjust his/her eyes fast while seeing near and fast objects very fast). But these days of fashion many individuals are using contact lenses for cosmetic reason, to make eyes more beautiful or to change the appearance of the eyes or simply to experience the different looks of the eyes. For many individuals contact lenses may serve dual purpose of correcting vision as well as cosmetic purpose.

The USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) terms the cosmetic contact lenses as “decorative contact lenses”. Cosmetic contact lenses can cause irritation, especially in the initial stage but on long term use the eyes get accustomed with the lenses and cause no more irritation or discomfort to the eye. But still, experts advise not to use cosmetic lenses for very long time although several research and studies has found no correlation of cosmetic contact lenses with any form of permanent eye damage.

Although use of cosmetic contact lenses is in the rise still they constitute very small percentage of total use and constitute less than 5% of total contact lens use. If you use contact lens, it should be used strictly with aseptic precaution; otherwise it may give rise to many complications like infection and injury to the cornea.

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Many Uses of Contact Lens

We all know about contact lenses and the uses of contact lenses as a replacement of glasses or spectacles to correct vision problems or refractive errors of eye. The common refractive errors of the eye are myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia etc. As there are several uses of contact lenses, there are also several types of contact lenses e.g. hard contact lens, soft contact lens or simply soft lens etc.

Although the main use of contact lens is correction of vision and it started for this purpose. But these days contact lenses are used for many other purposes like cosmetic use of contact lenses. For cosmetic purpose contact lenses are available in different (as you desire) colors, although the commonly used contact lenses are of faint blue color for making the contact lens more visible in the washing or cleaning solution as well as in storage solution.

Contact lens has to be used and stored with care and to overcome this storage problem disposable contact lenses are available. Soft contact lenses have several advantages in compare to hard contact lenses, although the soft contact lenses are costlier in compare to hard contact lenses. Soft contact lens is easier to use and are much more comfortable to the eye and can be worn for longer duration without much discomfort, which can be a problem with hard contact lens. Disposable soft lenses are very commonly used due to the comfort and ease to use them.

The cosmetic contact lenses are used for changing the appearance of the eye. Cosmetic contact lenses not only change the appearance according to your desire, but it can correct your vision too, if you have vision problem and serve dual purpose of correcting vision and at the same time makes you look better.

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Health Care in Canada

Health care systems are different in different countries. In some countries health care systems are mostly privatized and in some countries health care systems are mostly public sector maintained. Both the systems (public or private) has there advantages and disadvantages. Not only health care systems, health care information systems are also different in different countries and in many developing and underdeveloped countries the health care information system may not be functioning properly or in some cases it is almost non existence.

Canada 411 is information system which Canadian Health Care system follows. Canada 411 has many merits and better than the information system that many countries follow, including many developed countries.

Canadian Health Care is one of the best in the world and that is the reason health care indices like IMR (infant mortality rate) is among the lowest in the world in Canada. Infant mortality rate is the most sensitive indicator of health and reflect the effectiveness of the health care system in a country or a region, which is lowest in best health care systems and highest in the worst systems. IMR is used as an indicator of health care delivery system by most of the health care organizations like WHO (World Health Organization). High infant mortality rate indicate there is need to improvement of health care delivery system and there is need to infuse more fund to the health care delivery system and rationalize the distribution of resources so that there is equal distribution of funds for health care in cities and rural areas as well as in different regions of a country. Canada has one of the lowest infant mortality rate (IMR), which indicate the health care system followed in Canada is one of the best in the world.

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What is Hardness of Water?

Hardness of water in simple terms is “the soap destroying power of water”. In other words if water is hard large amount of soap is required for producing lather while washing cloths.

Why hardness occurs in water?

Water becomes hard due mainly to four dissolved compounds namely calcium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate, calcium sulphate and magnesium sulphate. If any one or more or all of these four are present in higher quantity the water becomes hard. There are also other compounds (like chlorides and nitrates of calcium, iron, aluminium and magnesium compounds, but they are generally present in small quantity and not significant) that can produce hardness of water, but they are not as important in producing hardness of water as the above mentioned four compounds.

How hardness in expressed?

Hardness of water is expressed as milli-equivalent/liter (mEq/l) and 1 mEq/l of hardness is equivalent to 50 milligrams of calcium carbonate in one liter of water or 50 PPM (parts per million) of calcium carbonate.

  • Soft water: less than 1 mEq/l or less than 50 mgs of calcium carbonate/liter
  • Moderately hard water: 1-3 mEq/l or 50-150 mgs of calcium carbonate/liter
  • Hard water: 3-6 mEq/l or 151-300 mgs of calcium carbonate/liter
  • Very hard water: more than 6 mEq/l or more than 300 mgs of calcium carbonate/liter.

Hardness of water is classified as carbonate and non-carbonate. Carbonate hardness is also called temporary hardness due to presence of bicarbonate of calcium or magnesium or both, which on long standing becomes soft due to evaporation of carbon dioxide from bicarbonate and settlement of calcium/magnesium. But non-carbonate hardness does not lose hardness on long standing (due to presence of calcium sulphate and magnesium sulphate) and called permanent hardness.

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Growth Hormone Deficiency in Children

Deficiency of human growth hormone in children may lead to various problems. The problems of deficiency of human growth hormone in children are different from that seen in adults if there is deficiency of human growth hormone during adult life. The problems or clinical presentations of human growth hormone deficiency of growth hormone in children vary according to cause of the deficiency (like isolated deficiency, insensitivity to growth hormone, due to nutritional deficiency, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone receptor mutation, psychological factors etc.).

The isolated human growth hormone deficiency is by far the commonest form of growth hormone deficiency. Isolated human growth hormone deficiency presents with typical symptoms and presentations that are different from other causes of growth hormone deficiency. The characteristic features of isolated growth hormone deficiency are short stature (for obvious reason of growth hormone deficiency growth is subnormal), increased percentage of fats, high pitched voice, small size penis etc. There is increased chance to develop hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level in blood) which is mainly due to unopposed or very minimal opposition to the action of insulin.

The cause of isolated human growth hormone deficiency is generally unknown, but in approximately one third of the cases of isolated human growth hormone deficiency there is genetical predisposition, which is transmitted as autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, or X-linked.

In approximately 10% of cases of isolated human growth hormone in children there is mutation (may be point mutation) of respective genes.

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Information about Ovarian Cyst

Cyst is collection of fluid in a sac that is made up of very thin wall of fibrous tissue. If cyst is present in ovary it is called ovarian cyst.Ovarian cysts are can bigger than a size of orange and weigh few hundred grams (rarely may weigh a few kilos), but it may also be very small (as small as a size of pea).

Ovarian cysts can occur at any age in a woman’s life but most common during are of 15 to 45 years (during childbearing age). Ovarian cysts are very common in pre-menopausal women throughout the world and in post menopausal women ovarian cysts are not as common as in pre-menopausal women.

Ovarian cysts generally do not cause any symptom, especially if the size of cyst is small. Even if the size of ovarian cyst is bigger, it may not cause serious problem. The most common symptom of ovarian cyst is pain in the abdomen and pelvic region. In fact one of the common differential diagnosis of acute pelvic pain is ovarian cyst. Other symptoms of ovarian cysts are bleeding, discomfort in the pelvic area, heaviness, pressure, swelling etc. The menstrual period of the affected woman (with ovarian cyst) may not be regular. The symptoms like pain in pelvic area and bleeding are commoner when the size of the ovarian cyst is more than 5 cm. 

Complications of ovarian cyst is not very common and include ruptured ovarian cyst, pressing on certain parts (like blood vessels, intestines etc.) which may cause some clinical symptoms.

The treatment of ovarian cyst is generally wait and watch, if the size of cyst is small and without any symptoms. But if the size of the cyst is bigger and with some symptoms, that may be problematic, the treatment is surgical removal of the cyst.


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How to Start a Medical Practice

Every doctor has to practice to help the needy and sufferings by use of the knowledge he/she acquired in a medical school. Many a times it may be confusing for a budding doctor freshly passed out from a medical school, as to how to start a medical practice. The medical practice is different in different countries and if you are in United States it is wise to take help of online facilities through books and other publications. There are many websites which helps budding, young, freshly pass out doctors regarding starting a medical practice. If a young, budding doctor tries to find help online, he/she may find it difficult to get right information he/she needs about how to start a medical practice and succeed in future. The phrase of “well begun is half done” is true in medical practice also. So if a young doctor starts medical practice well at the beginning of his/her carrier, it can be said that the success is half accomplished.

Hippocrates publishing is one such good website which is dedicated in serving young doctors who are about to start medical practice and life as doctor. Hippocrates publishing is such a website which can help young doctor to get a head start in medical practice.  About Hippocrates publishing, one can say it is of high standard and quality.

Hippocrates publishing offers a series of guides & books about how to start medical practice marketing from the very beginning of medical practice by a doctor after passing out. These days of high competitiveness in all fields including medical profession, it is wise to market your skills and knowledge and you can get help online from websites like Hippocrates publishing.  

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