Care of Your Eyes While Using Contact Lens

If you have chosen to use contact lens instead of glasses or if you eye surgeon advised you to use contact lens it is vital to take precaution and take proper care of the eyes as well as contact lenses. You have to take care of your eyes and of course you have to take care of your contact lenses too. You should always ask your doctor about how to take care of the contact lenses and also what precautions you should take while using contact lens. If you have any doubt, you should clarify the doubt immediately from your doctor or health care provider.

The care for your eye starts with not wearing contact lens 24 hours a day. Wearing contact lens continuously may cause irritation to the cornea and also it may reduce oxygen supply to the cornea and cause problem. You should always remove contact lenses during sleeping (which may be night time sleep or day time nap). Wearing of contact lens, especially hard type of contact lens during sleep may cause injury to the eye. Use of soft type of contact lens may reduce the chance of injury due to wrong handling of the contact lenses.

Before you touch contact lenses (for wearing them) you should wash and rinse your hands thoroughly with soap and clean tape water. The soap should not contain any fragrance, or any allergen. The soap should not contain any antibacterial substance as it may destroy the normal bacterial flora of the eye due to improper washing or cleaning/rinsing of hands. The normal bacterial flora of the eye does not allow the pathogenic bacteria to colonize the eye. You should also wash your face (eyes) thoroughly with the same soap used for washing and rinsing your hands.

The technique of inserting/wearing contact lens should be learned and practiced properly as improper technique can cause injury to the eye, especially cornea. You should learn the technique from your health care provider and practice it before actually using contact lens. The technique of wearing hard type and soft type of contact lenses are slightly different.

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Contact Lens for Cosmetic Purpose

The main use of contact lens is corrective, i.e. to correct the refractive errors of the eye like myopia (short sightedness where the individual is unable to see objects far from him/her), hypermetropia (near sightedness where the individual is unable to see objects which is nearer to him/her), astigmatism (a condition where light rays do not fall on retina due to curvature problem of lens), presbyopia (where individual is unable to adjust his/her eyes fast while seeing near and fast objects very fast). But these days of fashion many individuals are using contact lenses for cosmetic reason, to make eyes more beautiful or to change the appearance of the eyes or simply to experience the different looks of the eyes. For many individuals contact lenses may serve dual purpose of correcting vision as well as cosmetic purpose.

The USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) terms the cosmetic contact lenses as “decorative contact lenses”. Cosmetic contact lenses can cause irritation, especially in the initial stage but on long term use the eyes get accustomed with the lenses and cause no more irritation or discomfort to the eye. But still, experts advise not to use cosmetic lenses for very long time although several research and studies has found no correlation of cosmetic contact lenses with any form of permanent eye damage.

Although use of cosmetic contact lenses is in the rise still they constitute very small percentage of total use and constitute less than 5% of total contact lens use. If you use contact lens, it should be used strictly with aseptic precaution; otherwise it may give rise to many complications like infection and injury to the cornea.

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Many Uses of Contact Lens

We all know about contact lenses and the uses of contact lenses as a replacement of glasses or spectacles to correct vision problems or refractive errors of eye. The common refractive errors of the eye are myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia etc. As there are several uses of contact lenses, there are also several types of contact lenses e.g. hard contact lens, soft contact lens or simply soft lens etc.

Although the main use of contact lens is correction of vision and it started for this purpose. But these days contact lenses are used for many other purposes like cosmetic use of contact lenses. For cosmetic purpose contact lenses are available in different (as you desire) colors, although the commonly used contact lenses are of faint blue color for making the contact lens more visible in the washing or cleaning solution as well as in storage solution.

Contact lens has to be used and stored with care and to overcome this storage problem disposable contact lenses are available. Soft contact lenses have several advantages in compare to hard contact lenses, although the soft contact lenses are costlier in compare to hard contact lenses. Soft contact lens is easier to use and are much more comfortable to the eye and can be worn for longer duration without much discomfort, which can be a problem with hard contact lens. Disposable soft lenses are very commonly used due to the comfort and ease to use them.

The cosmetic contact lenses are used for changing the appearance of the eye. Cosmetic contact lenses not only change the appearance according to your desire, but it can correct your vision too, if you have vision problem and serve dual purpose of correcting vision and at the same time makes you look better.

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My Strategy in Buying Shares

I stopped buying IPOs (initial public offerings), which a company sells its share to the public for the first time. After IPO also some company may sell shares to general public sometimes to raise money and the procedure followed is exactly same as that of an IPO, the only difference is that it is not initial public offer, rather it is subsequent public offering. Due to some disadvantages of IPOs, I started buying shares of a company which has gone public through IPO, on the very first day its shares starts trading in the stock exchange.

There are some advantages of buying shares on the very first day of trading after an IPO issue. Let consider a hypothetical situation. A person “X” request 1000 shares of a company “ABC” for Rupees 10,000 at 10 rupees each but the IPO issue was oversubscribed 5 times, so instead of getting 1000 shares person “X” gets only 200 shares for 2000 rupees. And on the first day of trading the shares of “ABC” corporation goes up by 10%, when I decide to buy 1000 shares of “ABC” corporation at 10% higher rate for 11,000 Rupees. After 2 months the shares goes up by 20% and it takes 2 months for “X” to get back his remaining 80% which was returned to him by “ABC” corporation. 2 months after initial trading as the price goes up 20% “X” gets profit of Rupees 400 (20% of 200 shares costing Rupees 2000) which account for merely 4% of actual 10000 invested by “X” and I get profit of 2000 (20% of 1,000 shares which were purchased for 11,00 Rupees) which account for approximately 18.18%. By this hypothesis I get profit of 18.18% from actual investment and “X” gets profit of only 4% from his actual money invested.

For the above reason I am investing in the shares on the very first day of trading instead of buying IPO, not to mention there are many formalities of buying IPO, like filling up forms, making “demand draft” for the purchase, sending the filled up form with the bank draft by post etc.

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Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

Many smokers want to quit smoking, but unable to do so and are frustrated due to inability to quit smoking. Most of us (non smokers as well as smokers) are aware of the ill effects of cigarettes oh our health, but despite knowing the health disaster cigarettes can cause, many smokers are unable to quit smoking. Studies have revealed that quitting smoking is more difficult than quitting drinking alcohol, because smoking becomes part of behavior, every smoker has his/her own style of smoking and the style become part of his/her life and quitting smoking becomes a real challenge where many smoker fail to meet the challenge.

21st century is an era of science and scientific development and science has come up with a solution to overcome smoking habit. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are the solution for quitting smoking easily and avoid the health hazards that traditional tobacco cigarettes cause. With electronic cigarettes the smoker gets the satisfaction of smoking without getting the harmful nicotine and several other harmful chemical which can cause serious health hazards like cancer.

Some positive aspects in favor of e-cigarettes in compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes are absence of several (as many as 400 harmful chemicals are said to be present in traditional tobacco cigarettes) harmful chemicals which are responsible for ill effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes on health, there is also no tar, smoke, carbon monoxide and other carcinogens in e-cigarettes.

Other than health benefits electronic cigarettes also have several other general advantages over traditional tobacco cigarettes like freedom of smoking electronic cigarettes in public places (whereas you can not smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes in public places), more convenient and have no bad odor of traditional tobacco cigarettes in electronic cigarettes. You may get complete satisfaction of smoking with electronic cigarettes without getting the health hazards, not to mention the lower cost of e-cigarettes in compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Why I do not buy IPOs?

Few years back I decided to learn something about stock market and learn how to invest profitably in the share market. I started investing in the stock market and initially got some profit. But the last year’s bearish market started and I lost in most of my stocks. I did not sell any of the shares and still holding the shares, probably in the hope of making some profit in the long run.

Initially I invested in the IPOs (initial public offerings) but later on changed the idea of investing in IPOs, due to some disadvantages of investing in IPOs as an individual. The biggest disadvantage in investing in IPO as an individual is, you have to pay the full amount but may not get the shares for the full amount and you end up getting only a small percentage of the total amount and the remaining money is returned to you. And the money which is returned to you sit ideally for months together without earning any bucks. For example I wanted to buy 1000 shares of a company XYZ at the price of 10 each, so I pay Rupees (Indian currency) 10,000 and the company XYZ- IPO get oversubscribed 10 times (they plan to sell X number of shares, but get order for 10X number of shares or ten times more than they want to sell), so what the company XYZ does is issue only 10% shares to an individual’s demand. So I end up getting only 100 shares of XYZ, and they keep Rupees 1000 for 100 shares and return Rupees 900 to me. So this Rupees 900 sits ideally for me till I get the money in my bank account without earning a penny, which may for several months. If you invest more the higher amount sit ideally for you.

The above reason is strong enough for me not to invest in the IPOs and instead I buy shares (IPOs to be precise) the day it starts trading because sometimes I get to buy at lower than IPO price and I can buy for 100% of my money. In case of IPOs it may be sometimes less than even 10%, although rarely.

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Health Care in Canada

Health care systems are different in different countries. In some countries health care systems are mostly privatized and in some countries health care systems are mostly public sector maintained. Both the systems (public or private) has there advantages and disadvantages. Not only health care systems, health care information systems are also different in different countries and in many developing and underdeveloped countries the health care information system may not be functioning properly or in some cases it is almost non existence.

Canada 411 is information system which Canadian Health Care system follows. Canada 411 has many merits and better than the information system that many countries follow, including many developed countries.

Canadian Health Care is one of the best in the world and that is the reason health care indices like IMR (infant mortality rate) is among the lowest in the world in Canada. Infant mortality rate is the most sensitive indicator of health and reflect the effectiveness of the health care system in a country or a region, which is lowest in best health care systems and highest in the worst systems. IMR is used as an indicator of health care delivery system by most of the health care organizations like WHO (World Health Organization). High infant mortality rate indicate there is need to improvement of health care delivery system and there is need to infuse more fund to the health care delivery system and rationalize the distribution of resources so that there is equal distribution of funds for health care in cities and rural areas as well as in different regions of a country. Canada has one of the lowest infant mortality rate (IMR), which indicate the health care system followed in Canada is one of the best in the world.

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My Investments in Shares

I invested some money in shares, like many other people without knowing much about stock market. If someone invests in some area which he/she has not much knowledge the result can be guessed and same is the result of my investment in stocks. Fortunately I did not invest much money in the stock market.

The values of many of my shares are well below the level where I purchased and only a few of the shares are above the purchased price. During the bear market of last year many of my shares lost values and came down drastically, like what happened across the globe. Fortunately since last few months the stock market is showing some signs of recovery and the shares are gaining some value back.

There are many services available online regarding share trading; the service providers claim the services to be beneficial to the investors, especially to those investors who do not have much idea or knowledge about share trading and its technicalities.

Market-pulse technical analysis & trading is one such service which many people use, but I do not subscribe to any such service. As a doctor I do not have much time and I only invest time to time when I have some money left for investment, after paying for everything including insurance premiums. Market-pulse is a service which provides intraday options like calls, which has to be settled on daily basis.

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What is MonaVie?

Many of you might have heard of MonaVie or seen products of MonaVie, but not sure exactly what MonaVie is or its products are about. I was in the same situation before I did some research on MonaVie. MonaVie is a company that uses multi level marketing system, which is a direct selling system that sells directly to the consumers without going through the chain of wholesalers and retailer. These multi level marketing systems claims to share the profits that wholesalers and retailers get in normal common system of marketing. MonaVie is such a multi level marketing company which produces and distributes nutritional and health beverages among independent distributors (known as business owners of the company) and customers or consumers. Due to the presence of internet it has become easy to find out (as I found out and is sharing the information with you) and know the details of a company or a product of a company. You can also follow MonaVie on twitter, one of the most popular sites of internet. If you follow the company as well as its products in the Twitter (the popular social media website) you can learn many aspects of the products and the company which were not known to you before. You can access the information anytime from anywhere in the world. By following MonaVie on the Twitter, you can learn many things and tell your presence to the Twitter community, which can act as some sort of advertisement for you, especially if you own a website.

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Good Sleep Hygiene for Good Sleep

Getting good night’s sleep is a problem for many of us these days of stressful, fast, modern and cosmopolitan life. Every people face some short duration of insomnia, which lasts for few days and generally is due to some precipitating factor like change of bed or sleeping environment, due to some ill health, jet lag or some other definable cause. If the precipitating factor is removed the problem of insomnia also disappears by itself as it has appeared.

But many people are not aware that many a times insomnia can be solved by non pharmacological (without use of any medication) measures like maintaining good sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is the environmental and behavioral factors that precede our sleep and by good sleep hygiene it means that these environmental and behavioral factors are so modified that these factors become conducive to good sleep.

What should be done for improving sleep hygiene?

For improving sleep hygiene and for good sleep the factors that can cause disturbance and less conducive for good sleep should be avoided or eliminated if possible. Avoid hot shower or beverages like tea before going to bed. Avoid drugs at night (if you are taking for some medical condition) that stimulate central nervous system. Avoid stressful work or heavy meal at night. If noise disturbs your sleep try to reduce or eliminate the source of noise. Do not bring office works to your home and try to finish them in office. If you can not sleep well in bright light, make it dim. Take warm shower in the evening, several hours before sleep and change to fresh cloths before sleep, which will help in getting good sleep.

There are many more ways to improve sleep hygiene, which can help in sleeping well such as using sleep aid. These can vary from person to person and every individual should try to improve sleep hygiene it his/her own way.

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