What You Need to do Before Going for Drug Rehabilitation

How to Have ‘The Talk’

No, this isn’t that awkward one from adolescence. It’s that much more important situation where someone you know and love is teetering on the brink with their alcoholism or drug addiction and you know the only way to keep them from inflicting the ultimate self-harm – death – is to intervene. It’s a terrible scenario for all involved, and if you have summoned the courage to have the talk with your loved one, it pays to go into the discussion armed with understanding, compassion and fortitude. With plenty of rehab facilities in California, all of which offer something for everyone, there is no reason why you or your loved one should continue to suffer the terrible consequences of substance abuse and in a lot of cases, it all starts with one person speaking up and showing their loving concern.

Gather Research

One of the best ways to gain understanding of your loved one’s addiction is to learn as much about it as possible. This will involve a time and research commitment, but it is well worth the effort, especially when it comes time to talk to the addict; if you can show them that you are aware of how they feel and that you aren’t blaming, shaming or guilting them, it can go a long way toward making an impact.

For resources, the internet is a powerful tool with tons of information, but you could also get in contact with a doctor, therapist or counselor to learn about the nature of addiction and the psychology of an addict. If you think your loved one is ready, research rehab facilities as well, so that when the time comes to talk, you can tell them that they have both options and support.

Write it Down

Sometimes committing things to paper is an eye opener for addicts. Write down the behaviors you’ve seen that concern you, as well as the negative effects of their addiction, like physical deterioration, loss of money and loss of friends or family. It would also be helpful to organize your thoughts and write down exactly what you want to say, that way if the discussion veers off course, you won’t become overly distracted. Be prepared, as well, for the addict’s denial tactics and the possibility that they will try to manipulate you. Read more…

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Know About Cancer

We all know what cancer is. But many of us do not know in details about cancer. The medical term for cancer is carcinoma or malignant tumor. Most of us know cancer as a dreadful disease and there is no cure for cancer. Well, there is no cure for most types of cancer, but some types of cancers are curable such as skin cancer (e.g. basal cell carcinoma). Squamous cell carcinoma (another common skin cancer type) is associated with bad prognosis, unlike basal cell skin carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma have bad prognosis because this form of skin cancer frequently metastasize (spread to other distant organs and carry poor prognosis) before diagnosis. Removal of skin cancer lesion at an early stage can cure skin cancer completely. There are also various types of cancers which can be treated and lifespan of the cancer patient can be extended to 10 years or more, such as breast cancer. Breast cancer has very good prognosis in compare to many other types of cancers and it is very common for breast cancer patients to live more than 10 years after diagnosis with proper treatment.

There are some cancers which have no effective treatment and patients diagnosed with such types of cancers live less than a year after diagnosis, such as Lung cancer, mesothelioma, pancreatic cancers etc. The diagnosis of such types of cancer is associated with very poor survival and metal agony to the patient’s family. For more information on mesothelioma in particular, you can visit http://mesothelioma.net/. Get medical advice, see stories and find out where to get therapy.

Blood cancer or Leukemia is generally seen among children and the prognosis is not satisfactory. The only effective treatment available for leukemia victims is bone marrow transplantation from a first degree relative. The best donor for bone marrow transplant is a sibling (an identical twin, if available) and it may not be available.

There are various websites available which can give you information All about cancer in details. If any of your family member or friend is diagnosed with cancer (any type of cancer), it is wise to get information whatever is available and decide on the modality of management.

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Dietary Advice for diabetes patients

Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism. Two types of diabetes is generally recognized (although there are a few more uncommon types of diabetes), type I diabetes or insulin dependence diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and type II diabetes or non-insulin dependence diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). Dietary advice for both the types of diabetes is essentially the same. Diet has a very important role in treatment of diabetes and it can be used alone for management of mild cases of diabetes or diet can be used along with medications (insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents).

The objectives of diabetic diet:

  • To maintain adequate nutrition and optimal health for diabetics.
  • To maintain blood sugar level within normal limits.
  • To bring body weight to normal (if obese) and maintain it.
  • To prevent, delay or minimize the onset of chronic systemic complications of diabetes, which ultimately cause the death of the diabetic patient.

Foods to be avoided by diabetics:

Ideally a diabetic patient should avoid glucose, sugar, all types of sweets, candies, chocolates etc.

Foods to be restricted by diabetics:

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, bananas, alcoholic drinks (especially in excess than 2 drinks per day), grapes, mangoes, fried foods (especially deep fried foods), cakes, pastries, dry fruits etc. should be taken in limited quantities.

Foods to be consumed liberally by diabetics:

Foods to be taken in large quantities by diabetics are green leafy vegetables, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, bitter gourd, buttermilk, tea and coffee (without sugar), different types of vegetables etc.

Important points to remember:

  • It is very important for a diabetic to remember that he/she should control the quantity of food and time of food intake (ideally small quantity of food more frequently).
  • Meals should not be missed as well as large meals should be avoided.
  • Substitute craving for sweet by some fruits (preferably low carbohydrate fruits).
  • Select foods of your liking and within the acceptable list of foods for diabetics.
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Use Steroids Carefully

Steroids (corticosteroids) are very commonly used (as well as commonly abused) drugs. Steroids if used properly and for the right condition can be life saving drugs. When all other drugs fail do save life, steroids come to rescue for dying patients by saving life. But if misused or abused steroids can do much harm to health and even cause death. Steroids are like two edged swords and if not used with proper care, they cause more harm than good for the recipient.

Steroids are used for many medical conditions, such as bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatic fever, severe allergic disorders/reactions, eye diseases, autoimmune diseases, serious infections, skin diseases (very commonly used, especially mild steroids with low or no side effects), brain edema, cancers, organ transplantations, and many other common and uncommon medical conditions. In some conditions steroids are the only effective drugs and can be life saving, but in many conditions if not used with care, may lead to serious complications.

Complications or adverse effects of steroid use include Cushing’s syndrome, muscle weakness (although many athletes use steroids for building muscle mass and muscle strength), hyperglycemia, osteoporosis, peptic ulcer, fetal abnormalities among children if used during pregnancy, growth retardation among children, suppression of hypothelamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, glaucoma and many more. Some of the side effects are very serious and must be identified at right time.

Steroid abuse has become huge problem for the sports authorities around the globe as these drugs are misused by athletes as well as many other sportspersons such as boxers. Athlete use steroids for enhancing their athletic performance and abuse of steroids are so common that it is seen among high school athletes as well as non professional or recreational body builders.

How the use (rather abuse) of steroids, especially anabolic steroids enhance the athletic performance is not understood (as this subject is not well studied) and even they improve athletic performance is not clear due to lack of proper scientific studies. It is true that use of androgenic steroids do increase muscle mass and strength but if it contribute to improved athletic performance is not clear. Commonly used Anabolic Steroids include nandrolone, stanozolol, methandienone, and methenolol. Along with steroids mentioned here, athletes who use steroids also use other drugs which are supposed to improve athletic performance such as growth hormone, insulin, amphetamine, thyroxin etc. with questionable results.

Due to easy availability of steroids and other substances of abuse anyone can Buy Steroids online with just a click of a mouse and these companies will deliver them at your doorstep. But you should not use steroids or other substances of abuse, just because other are using. If you need to use steroids, use them with proper care to reduce risk of adverse effects.

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Know Balanced Diet

Diet can be defined as “the kind of food on which a person or a group of persons survive”. Balanced diet can be defined as “a diet which contains a variety of foods in such quality, quantity and proportions that the need for energy (calorie), proteins (amino acids), fats (including essential fatty acids), carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and micronutrients are adequately met for maintaining health, vitality and general well-being and also makes a small provision for extra nutrients to withstand short duration of leanness”. Balanced diet has become the accepted means to safeguard the nutritional deficiencies of any nation, especially in the poor nations.

The balanced diet may vary in different countries of the world and in a same country also it may vary according to the regions. Some principles should be kept in mind while constructing balanced diet for a group of population. The principles are: (a) the most important part of a balanced diet is the protein content and it should be 10-15% of total energy intake. The protein should contain all the essential amino acids that are required by a human. (b) Next important is the fat content of balanced diet, which should not be more than 15-30% of total calorie intake and should contain essential fatty acids. (c) The remaining calorie intake should come from carbohydrates which are also rich source of dietary fibers. (d) Next important is provision of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and many other micronutrients.

The dietary pattern has wide variation in different parts of the world and the dietary habit generally develop according to the locally produced foods or imported foods, which in turn depends on the climatic condition of the region. The food or dietary habits also vary according to region, religion, economic capacity, customs, taboos, habits of the people etc. A balanced diet should address all the requirements for a group of population.

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What are Anal Fissures?

Anal fissures are tears or cuts in the anus and the tears or cuts may extend upward into the anal canal. Anal fissures are common health problem affecting men and women equally. Anal fissure can occur among young and old alike and can be very painful condition which is difficult to tolerate.

Anal fissures occur in the area called anoderm, which is the place where the skin and the mucosa of anal canal join. The anoderm do not have hairs, sweat glands, or sebaceous (oil) glands. Anoderm is richly supplied by large numbers of sensory nerve fibers which are responsible for light touch and pain sensation and cause severe and excruciating pain if cut or torn as seen in anal fissures. As anoderm is devoid of any gland (e.g. sweat gland, sebaceous glands) it may be responsible for easy tearing or cut injury.

Symptoms of anal fissures:

Pain, may be very severe, is the most common symptom of anal fissures. Pain of anal fissure may worsen with bowel movements. The pain of anal fissure may be short duration or may be long lasting. The pain of anal fissures may be severe sometimes and the patients do not want to have a bowel movement and results in constipation. In severe cases there may be impaction of feces. Constipation may cause worsening of the condition, as hard stool (which occurs in case of constipation) can cause further damage/tear/cut of anal fissures.

Some patients of anal fissure may have pain during urinating also. Other symptoms of anal fissure include bleeding (less frequent and small amount of bleeding, but more common among infants), itching, discharge of pus from fissures etc.

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Know about Anal Fissure Treatment

Anal fissure is a tear or a cut in the anus, which may extend upwards inside anal canal. Anal fissure is a common health problem and affect many people. It is estimated that approximately 10% (6-15%) of all visits to colorectal surgeon are due to anal fissure, which can help to understand that anal fissure is common health problem. Men and women are equally affected. The common symptoms of anal fissure are pain during passing of stool, bleeding from rectum, especially among infants etc.

Treatment of anal fissure:

The main aim of treatment of anal fissure is to prevent repeated tearing of anoderm and also spasm of anal sphincter. The treatment of anal fissure includes general measures, medical management and surgical treatment.

General measures:

General measures or non surgical measures (drug treatment) are generally successful in case of acute anal fissure, but may not be of much help in case of chronic anal fissures. General measures include intake of easily digestible high fiber diet, use of stool softeners (such as docusate or mineral oil) etc. Sitz baths can reduce spasm.

Pharmacological agents that can be used for treatment of anal fissure are local anesthetics (lidocaine), steroids, muscle relaxants, Botulinum toxin (Botox), calcium channel blocking agents such as nifedipine etc.

Surgical treatment of anal fissure:

Partial lateral internal sphincterotomy is the surgical procedure which is recommended by the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, for surgical treatment of anal fissure and it is the most preferred surgical method.

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If you suffer from Baldness or Hair loss?

If you suffer from baldness, what is the best approach or treatment available? The answer to this question is not easy. The answer depends on you, e.g. what result do you want or expect from treatment of baldness or hair loss or are you ready to try something which has no scientific study or research to prove claim of successful treatment of hair loss. Will you accept known and less than desired result or are you willing to try something in the hope of better result.

If you want to know what your treatment can give you and if you can accept it, the best approach for treatment of thinning of hair or baldness is to use approved (by USFDA) pharmacological products for treatment of thinning hair, which are finesteride and minoxidil. Only these two drugs are approved by USFDA for treatment of hair loss or thinning of hair. So, use any of these products for treatment of you hair loss problem, which is the only scientific treatment method available, but the results are well below satisfactory level.

There are also many more products available at present, all of which claim to cure hair loss. But according to many scientific studies there is no cure for hair loss. But many products are claimed to cure hair loss. Before you decide to use products which claim to cure hair loss, be sure that the product will not worsen your problem of hair loss, even if it can not cure it. There are many products which may actually harm you more with side effects such as hair loss (that is, your problem is aggravated by these products rather than solving it).

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Do you suffer from Thinning Hair?

Why I asked the above question (the title of this article) is very simple. Hair loss is a common health problem. Contrary to popular belief, women also suffer from hair loss, although the percentage or total number of women suffering from thinning of hair may be less than men. But, many studies have revealed that as much as two third of the women suffer from hair loss at some point of time. Now, just imagine how common thinning of hair is among men? It may be difficult to find a man who does not suffer from hair loss, although this may be a little exaggeration.

For most men hair loss or thinning of hair is a troublesome problem, although many men may not accept it to be a trouble, but from inner mind they will like to have normal hair if possible. For women thinning of hair or loss of hair is a scary thing. Total loss of hair from head is scarier. I think I do not need to mention why hair loss is a scary thing for women.

If you also suffer from thinning of hair, as most men and women suffer, you should know that there are several solutions for hair loss. Probably the best solution for men is to accept baldness and remain bald, as this method does not cost you anything and does not have any problems associated with treatment such as side effects. You may be thinking that I am joking, but for your kind information there are thousands (may be millions) of people who has accepted baldness, including many Hollywood stars. You will find dozens of celebrities who accepted baldness and are happy with it.

There are other approaches to treatment of thinning of hairs, which I will discuss in later articles.

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Some Blogging Tips From a Blogger

If you are a new blogger, you might be having a question about how to increase visitors in your blog or in bloggers term “traffic”. If you want to increase traffic to your blog, you might have read already a few articles on popular blogs about the ways to increase traffic to your blog. You might have followed the some of the tips you learned from these articles about “how to increase traffic to your blog” and the improvement in the traffic may be only modest and you are not satisfied with the traffic increase.

I went through the same path of not being able to get enough traffic and learned a few tricks (better call tips) to increase traffic to your blog and will share the tips I learned myself with experience. Most of the tips I share here must be there in some other blogs and articles also.

Blogging Tip no. 1:

The most important aspect for a blogger to increase traffic to his/her blog is regularity or write about your subject or topic on regular basis. Regular basis means daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The frequency of your writing should be at least once a month (on a fix date of a month e.g. on 1st of every month). If you are writing weekly also it should be on a fix day, e.g. every Monday/Sunday. The best is to write at least 2 articles every week. In this way, your readers will know better about your topics and follow your blog.

You might be thinking this blog of mine is not getting enough traffic; yes this blog does not get enough traffic, as I post regularly on some other blog (and not this blog). The blog where I write regularly have at present Alexa rank of approximately 150K and slowly but steadily improving.

Blogging Tip no. 2:

I don’t understand this tip myself. But I found using h2 tag help in ranking higher in search engines (probably search engines are designed such a way which help to find h2 tagged words faster and easier). If you want to highlight a subheading use h2 tag, it will improve your ranking for that word/phrase. Search engine spiders are designed to find h2 tagged words better/earlier than other words.

Today the 2 tips I shared are enough and I will write about other tips which I learned while doing practically. Keep visiting this blog.

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